Roxor strives to provide top quality, value added construction and project management services as well as turnkey project development services to real-estate developers in Montreal. As a General Contractor fully licensed by the RBQ, Roxor is able to meet all construction needs.


Program, Project & Construction Management Services.

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Turnkey Project Development Services to Project Developers and Sponsors.

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Fully licensed General Contractor to meet all construction needs.

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Turnkey Project Management

Turnkey Project management encompasses all the phases of the project from planning to coordination, control, design, execution, acceptance and handover aimed at meeting our clients’ requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. As a Turnkey Project Manager, Roxor works on behalf of the owner to promote a cost efficient design with the added of early mobilization.

Construction Management

Construction management includes the execution of the construction phase as well as the acceptance and handover phases of the project. Roxor commences by reviewing the project requirements and design followed by managing the tendering process and preparation of the owner approved subcontracts. This service represents the construction phase and onwards under turnkey project management services.

Real-Estate Development

Real estate development involves an innumerable amount of tasks and municipal approvals. Roxor coordinates these tasks and approvals for our clients in order to achieve successful results. Roxor provides its clients with the project cost estimates, feasibility analysis, pre-construction services and project management. Roxor can coordinate the sales and marketing of the project to suit our clients’ needs.


Roxor provides construction related consulting services including general, mechanical, electrical and plumbing works. Our consulting services are solution based with the aim of providing our clients’ with optimal cost-benefit recommendations. Roxor offers tailored cost control and monitoring measures using tools such as Earned Value Management.

Feasability Analysis

Feasibility analysis involves an objective review of the strengths, benefits and weaknesses of a proposed project. Roxor will analyse the estimated costs, potential returns, the site conditions, and other reports to determine whether the project will provide a suitable return for the required time and investment.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction services consist of cost estimating, design coordination, planning, scheduling, tendering and awarding of contracts. Roxor has a highly professional network of architects, engineers and contractors and is able to provide our clients with cost efficient and constructible solutions